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Medical Illustration and Animation. Trial, legal, medlegal and editorial exhibits in Chicago, Texas, and Singapore. 

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Psoriatic Arthritis Mechanism

Mechanism of action of Psoriatic Arthritis medications, created in partnership with the production team at Amerra, Inc. for a CME credit-earning monograph by Paradigm Medical Communications.

Minimally-Invasive Spinal Fusion

This animation was created for a Texas-based medical device company to visually explain the mechanism behind their recently patented spinal fusion device. Components are built from a Nitinol alloy that bends at body temperature, offering seamless delivery. An internally-loaded balloon system inflates a caged anchor, which then remains within the patient.

Cement flows through the system, followed by the addition of an internal flexible rod. Unlike most spinal fusion hardware, the minimally-invasive mechanism highlighted here depicts a flexible device: this results in a greater range of motion and shortened recovery time for the postoperative patient.

Alveolar Bone Graft

This animation is one part of collaborative research project created for Dr. Patel of the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this animation, alveolar cleft and alveolar bone graft surgical repair are visually explained to preoperative pediatric patients and their caregivers. The final animation was presented by the illustrator at the Annual Meeting of the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association in April of 2016.

Pregnancy Demo

Certified Medical Illustrator Peg Gerrity created this demo to show snippets of her various biomedical illustrations and animations of human fetal development.

Nasonex Animation

When allergens such as pollen are inhaled, Nasonex nasal spray blocks the histamine granules that activate the inflammatory response system.

Surgical Device Animation

This animation was created for Koby Surgical to show how the Isogard device is used to treat plantar fasciitis, or severe heel pain.

Spinal Device Animatic

This production animatic gives a glimpse into an unfinished procedural animation. Prior to adding stylistic elements, lighting, and textures, the animator sends an animatic, like this one, to the client in order to solidify 3D models, positioning, and movement. Once approved, the animatic then moves to later stages in the animation pipeline.